DPP Day #11

I can’t sew. Really. I’ve tried but I was handicapped by my seventh grade home economics teacher who resembled very closely Nurse Ratched. I’ve been ruined ever since. So it is a herculean effort that I figured out today how to wind a bobbin, thread the needle (with Richard and I both reading the instruction manual) and sew a few straight line for a little holiday craft surprise. (My mom would be so proud; my sister will be so proud when she sees this blog post!) The project didn’t turn out without a few glitches but I think it will be liked by a little someone in this house.holiday sewing

Here is one of my favorite pics of the fall. We found this sweet little typewriter at an estate sale and got a ribbon off e-bay. Stories are still being told on it. Some flowers to brighten up this winter day.Skipper and the new typewriter

Remembering summer

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  1. Just checking this out! On 12/12/84 – 28 years ago you stood by my side as a maid of honor!!! Today you are sewing presents! :)! We are both so blessed

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