December Photo Project Day 3

Work day on the farm today. With the highs in the 60’s (can you believe it?) we cleaned up greenhouses, removed tomato trellis,  pulled the very last of the plastic in the field, cut some wood and tended to the new trees (almost 300) that were planted on the West boundary for wind break/ drift. It was warm, dirty, muddy, satisfying work. Pics below.

From up on the hill, in the middle of the back forty

I love it up here… you can see all the greenhouses and the goings on at the farm

Chris working with the trees


Chris came on board towards the end of the season and has been a pleasure to work with. Poor guy…he missed all the  planting, cultivating and most of the harvesting but helped with every bit of the clean up.

Dirty from the days work


He has the dirt to show for it.

Some wood gets cut


Taking advantage of the warm day to do wood chores


Oh my this is many more than one pic!!


Branches from the orchard waiting for the spring. I’ll try to use some restraint in tommorows pics. Thanks!!




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