Current Winter Work

Here are some pics of what has been going on at the farm over the last few weeks. We have been taking advantage of the mild weather to re-built the winter greenhouse that was partially destroyed in an early 2010 winter storm. It’s all ready to be covered in poly the next chance we get. Richard went to Morgans Compost and picked up our soil for starting seeds, three big bags of it. The leeks, onion and snapdragon seeds arrived this week and will soon make their way into soil. We are almost done with the bulk of the seed order. As certified organic we have a commitment to search out organic seeds and often that takes quite a bit of research. It also pays to do price comparisons with organic seed company because the seeds can have widely fluctuating prices. Thanks goodness for calculators.

I’ve been playing music with my friend Jim Spring  since last summer. We are playing at Foods For Living this Sunday Feb 12, 2-4. unfortunately no place to sit and listen but the folk there are oh so nice.  We are going into Glenn Brown’s studio to do a demo (which I accidentally called a demo TAPE and immediately felt like a real dinosaur) next week and record 3 or 4 tracks.

The membership form is here on the website. I’m going to mail brochures out in a couple of weeks. Spring is right around the corner. Until then. love this snow we are finally getting!

Richard and Dustin working on the winter greenhouse

This was the second greenhouse we built. A huge 30×130 structure. Now after the re-built a more managable 30×90. We may in the future convert this over to nursery production, then during the summer for a veggie packing house. First tho it needs some drainage work but again, what part of the farm dosn’t need drainage work?

Careful on thoose ladders you guys.

 Almost complete.

A nice load of soil to start the season

 This will get us started. We may have to go up again in June. The seed starter 101 is lovely stuff.

Good thing we have a big kitchen table!

 This is the way the kitchen table has looked for over a week. At meal time we just push everything to the side.

Seed catalogs everywhere.

We use Johnny’s Selected Seeds, High Mowing Seeds, Seedway Organics and Irish Seed company as our main seed companys

Little Buddy Bernard keeping us company in the kitchen

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  1. Thanks to Drew Howard for posting the link to your website on fb today! I’m such a facebookhead…
    Needed the reminder to visit your blog and get more caught up! Very nice newsletters and beautiful pictures too.

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