This week on the farm…..We have an amazing crew on the farm this year and I’ve been meaning to introduce them to you all for quite a while. All our work would not be possible without them.  For the past three years we have had two young women work with us: Regina and Jaycee. They are good friends and some of the hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Quite honestly they work me into the ground every day ( young people these days). They are poised, elegant and beautiful and we are most grateful for their efforts. Also working with us is Brian who goes to Owosso High School and super worker share workers Todd and Angela. It’s really quite a blast here most days….well, most days.

Also I want to mention super CSAers  Tom and Linda Dufelmeier who own the fabulous store Mackerel Sky in downtown East Lansing. It’s a very cool store full of amazingly beautiful things,” a gallery of art and articles for everyday life.” Which reminds me of another super CSAer Mary Jane Helder who happens to have an exhibit at Mackerel Sky of her  “jewel-like landscapes and garden portraits in felt.” The exhibit runs through September 22. Check it out.

Thanks to John Lowman at the Wrought Iron Grill a new restaurant in Owosso that  features Owosso Organics produce. We have had lots of comments from CSAers and other folks who have seen our name on the menu. They have a website: wroughtirongrill.com to check out their menu and daily specials. Thanks Chambre!

In your boxes this week:

1. Tomatoes: delicious red slicers and for full share a tiny smattering of the very first heirlooms.

2.Green Peppers: just a few this week. Remember you can freeze them easy/easy.

3.Onions: Yellow this week. These are real good keepers.

4.Garlic: Really yummy…

5.Lettuce:Finally it’s arrival back. This is a summer crisp variety. Some green some red.

6.Zucchini: Not too much. We will try not to overload you.

7.Herbs: Fresh basil, Thyme and Oregano. Use with pleasure!

8.Eggplant: We have about 7 different kinds. Most are harvested as baby. A great way to prepare them is to roast them. A little olive oil, some fresh herbs. Cut Eggplant in half, grill or roast in 400 oven until tender, about 15 minutes.

9.Broccoli: For full shares….More to come next week.

10.Beans: They keep on coming. A 1# bag for everyone.

11.Kale. Eat your kale….It’s really good for you.

12. Hot peppers: Serrano, jalapeno and anaheim.

I think that’s it though I may have forgotten something. I’m sorry no recipe this week, it’s almost pick-up time. I may post a recipe mid-week. If anyone wants to share a recipe you can e-mail it to me or post it at the web-site. I hope,hope,hope to learn how to do pictures on the web-site soon.

Enjoy your veggies. Remember to keep bringing those boxes back. Only 8 weeks to go in the season. Thanks!

                                      Always, Pooh, Richard, Cody and Taylor

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