CSA Shares still available!!

There are still shares available for the 2015 season! We have yet to reach our membership goal so please tell all your friends about our CSA…a summer full of delicious certified organic vegetables and beautiful cut flower arrangements. Thanks to all who have already joined and sent in your memberships… we greatly appreciate your support.

This week we finish up the spring brassicas plantings and gingerly move on to the warmer crops. It is only early May and we could still have a frost so we are trying to have restraint. Many pictures are on our Instagram account that you can access right here at the website. Look to the right side of this page.

Come see us at the Meridian Farmers Market on Saturday from 8-2. We have loads of plants for your gardens, some delicious Owosso Organics hot sauce and pepper crumbles, our fresh local eggs and my farm cards and pictures; all great ideas for the Moms in your family. I may visit our local wholesale florist and whip up some little mothers day arrangements for the market on Saturday. I would love to see you there…



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