CSA Newsletter Week #3

  Summer has really arrived: the heat, the rains and the weeds! We are still accessing the damage from last weeks rain. We got a total of 5″ for the week and with our heavy clay soil that is just too much for the ground to handle. As of today we know we lost a few hundred tomato plants and the second planting of beans. Luckily there is no rain in the forecast for the week so hopefully we can dry out.

   In the boxes this week:

Growers Choice Salad mix: a lovely blend of salad greens including lettuce, baby beet greens, baby Swiss chard, and spinach. We wash and spin the mix but as always suggest that you wash the mix before you eat it.

Red and or green leaf lettuce: The lettuce is wonderful this time of the year, great on sandwiches, burgers ….

Cilantro: Fresh from the greenhouse.

Turnip greens:  This is a first for us. Use them as you would Swiss chard or spinach. They have a slightly spicy/sweet flavor. Think Gone with the Wind. Cook them is a little olive oil with your garlic scape. Steam lightly.

Garlic Scapes: This is the funny looking twirly things. They are the flower of the garlic plant. We remove this part and it encourages the bulbs to grow. Use the scap as you would a green onion. It had a lovely slight garlic flavor.

 Thanks everyone for bringing your boxes back. I’ll try to do a recipe for the turnip greens later this week. I think we have ironed out the pick-up bugs.

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