CSA memberships are winding down! Flower share give away!!

We still have plenty of spaces available in our 2017 vegetables and or flower CSA but we are hoping to get our memberships all sold by the beginning of May so if you are thinking of joining our CSA don’t delay! We are especially hoping to get more Okemos/East Lansing pick up folks so as an incentive…if you sign up for our CSA to pick-up at the Okemos/East Lansing site (5151 Marsh Rd., the site of the Meridian Farmers Market) in the month of April we will put your name in a drawing to give away to one lucky customer a free flower share for the season! (a $100 value). Help spread the word to your friends and neighbors!

Weather wise we are saturated. Puddles, standing water and flooding have marked this early spring. The snow, wind and sleet today didn’t help things. Needless to say we are hoping for some windy warm weather to round out this month. Meanwhile the greenhouses are filling up with plants and this week we started seeding in the field, heirloom and cherry tomatoes. Remember in just a few short weeks we will be back at the Meridian Farmers Market, opening day is Saturday May 6. Looking forward to seeing everyone then. We will have lots of plants and if the ground ever dries up some produce too! Thanks for following me in Instagram. Follow the link on the right side of this page.  Here are some images I have been working with lately. Some are from last season.

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