Cold Snap

       This cold weather is a drag. Just when it felt like thing were getting going we go into a holding pattern until the weather turns. Richard cleaned out the cold frames the other day and we were ready to plant the brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts) when the ice storm hit so we’ve  decided to wait a few days. Last year we planted the cold frames late so this year we want to get an earlier start. We’re grateful for this sun today as we can turn down the heat in the greenhouse for some of the daytime hours. We spent time Tuesday consolidating all the flats into the nursery greenhouse so we don’t have to heat the Quonset greenhouse during this spell. I’m a littke worried about the orchard. The branches are heavy with ice.

Icy March on the farm
Ice on the branches
Cat on frozen tundra
Full nursery greenhouse waiting out the cold snap

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