The entire farming season arrived today in two boxes; one from High Mowing Seeds the other from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. It’s hard to believe that so much energy can come out of just those two boxes. That’s not all our seeds but the majority of them. Now we wait for the warmer weather to arrive and plan and organize. I love clipboards, soon rows of clipboards will emerge  with to-do lists  and greenhouse crops plantings.  First up…leeks, snapdragon, early greenhouse tomatoes, onions and perennial flowers we grow as annuals. The season is right around the corner.

We said goodbye to a pups last night, another pup this weekend and the last one next weekend. It’s been a joyful, tiring fulfilling experience raising these pups. For all you wondering….we may do it again next winter/spring.A season in a box

Branches in front of farm house

Last two pups

Edge of nursery greenhouse

Fun with lighting and aperture


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