I’ve realized looking over the past few blogs that they seem negative and overly dramatic, almost maudlin. I mean, come on, “the tragedy of the leeks”, “heartbreaking weekend.”  How tragic can a lack of leeks be? What about the 5000 or so onion plants that went in the ground about the same time the leeks didn’t come?  True it has been a rough spring but there are really good things happening on the farm as we wait to get into the fields and get the season going. So I’m going to try to highlight the positive a little more and to generally not take everything so seriously.

  We stocked the bee hive this week. There were 5 hives last year and we lost 3 over the winter. We’re going to go with 4 hives this year. It was a perfect day to put the bees in; cool with a slight breeze. It’s amazing to be around hundreds of bees buzzing in the air and yet feel protected in our suits. Although it’s hard, the slower you move the less the bees get angry. Really all they want is to get to the queen. I’ll leave that one alone.

  I’ll have a full line of plants this week at the market. I’m also planning on doing some floral arrangments. It’s time to get planting!

Booming orchard ready for the bees
Bee boxes. They are all hoovering around the queen
Ready for the bees
Bees bees everywhere

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