Owosso Organics 2024 CSA Membership Form

Here is the Membership form for the 2024 season. Just click on the form link, copy the the PDF file, fill it out and mail it to the farm with your check. Thank you!!

Owosso Organics 2024 CSA Membership form


Owosso Organics 2023 CSA is now open!

We have begun taking memberships for our 2023 CSA!!!

The membership link is at the 2023 CSA membership sign up form page  at the top of the website. It is a PDF that you need to copy off, fill out and mail (yes snail mail) it back to the farm with your payment. We are excited to offer our certified organic produce to our friends and neighbors. A few changes to note. The CSA will run for 15 weeks instead of 18 weeks. Also we have  unfortunately discontinued our flower share offerings but we will still have them at our farmers market The Meridian Farmers Market at Marketplace on the Green in Okemos!  We look forward to a great season and providing healthy  fresh produce for you and your families.


2022 Owosso Organics membership form now up!!

Hey folks,

The 2022 membership form is now available!! Look for the page

“2022 Owosso Organics Membership Form”

at the top of the website.  Sorry for the delay in getting this posted, we are having troubles with our PC but my good friend Doug Berch was able to work his magic and the PDF is available. As in previous years you will need to copy off the PDF (unfortunately you can’t fill it out online) fill out the form and mail it to the farm with your payment. I should mention here that we are worried about having sufficient labor to run the farm and as a result will likely have to limit the amount of CSA members we will accept. As a matter of efficacy we may have the CSA pick up for both sites on the same day being Mondays. Things are still in flux and we will keep you informed but if you really want to be in our CSA I suggest you sign up sooner rather than later. Thanks so much for your patience and your support of our farm.


End of Winter Update/ CSA Memberships


Thank you to all who have joined our CSA for this 2021 season!  We are very happy with the early interest in our CSA and look forward to you being part of our farm family and growing food for you this season. Even though the temps are in the single digits we are doing a lot of planning and preparing for the upcoming season. In just a few short weeks we will be firing up the nursery greenhouse and starting our first seeds : onions, leeks, early greenhouse tomatoes, greens for the greenhouses, long season hot peppers and flowers. As of now, pick up is planned for Mondays on the Farm 5:00-6:00PM and Thursdays at The Marketplace on the Green (new site of the Meridian Farmer’s Market) 5:00-6:00PM. I have sent out brochures to last years members with an extra brochure to pass along to family or friends you think might be interested. Don’t forget our flower share. Ten weeks of beautiful bouquets! Makes a great gift! Thanks again everyone. Here are some farm pics.

Fresh greens
Baby cucumbers
Baby Eggplant
Getting straw
Greenhouse #4
Flower bouquet


Owosso Organics 2021 CSA!!

We have been busy planning for the upcoming 2021 CSA season: inventory of seeds, seed order, planning planning planning!  The 2021 CSA membership form is up!  Just click on the CSA 2021 Membership Form Page to get to the PDF. You will need to copy it, fill it out and mail it to the farm with your payment. Thank you to all the folks who have contacted me about this years CSA. We were so happy with all the new folks and returning CSA members for 2020 and hope to have another robust CSA season.  This year it feels even more important for us all to have a secure and safe food source for the upcoming summer and we hope that you choose Owosso Organics certified organic produce.  Thank you all for your continuing support. Cabbage Radish in frame

Garlic field

New farm kitties
New farm kitties!
Snowy Field

Dancing Carrots
Spring Field

Owosso Organics CSA membership sign up extended

Hey folks, just want everyone to know that we are extending our CSA membership sign up beyond the previous May 1 cut off date. There has been a great deal of interest in our CSA this season and we want to make sure to  give folks enough time to make the decision to join. We will likely extend sign up time through the month of May. This includes vegetable shares as well as flower shares.

There has also been a lot of interest in our vegetable transplants. As things sit right now we will NOT be able to sell our plants at the Meridian Farmers market. We are brainstorming ways to make our plants available to you while still maintaining social distancing. One idea we are throwing  around is making the plants available through pre-order where you can e-mail me the plants you want and we can either deliver them directly to you (for a fee) or  figure out a central pick up site, one for Owosso  pick up and one for Okemos/ East Lansing pick up. All plants would be pre-order only. Email me (owossoorganics@yahoo.com)     if this is something you are interested in.

Stay safe everyone. Thank you again for all your interest and support for our farm.   Here are a few pics

Organic Lettuce
Field of Dreams
owosso organics
Organic beets
Tilling the fields
Standard size share


Owosso Organics CSA Shares amid Covid-19

Hey folks,

I know these are scary times and we feel that right with you. We haven’t left the farm but for a couple grocery runs in over 3 weeks. But I want to let you  know that we are still farming and doing all our usual spring farm chores: seeding in the greenhouse, transplanting, farm clean up work etc. We are 100% committed to growing certified organic food for your family this summer and we have never felt this responsibility so deeply. We are unsure as to the state of our current farmers markets this summer. The best way to guarantee receiving our vegetables and flowers is to join our CSA. If you are unsure about which size share you want, refer to the “What’s in a CSA Box” page to see images of a standard size box. Know that premium size boxes are approximately double the size of a standard size. We have pickups on the farm and in Okemos at the site of the Meridian Farmers market. Pick up is on Mondays from 5:00-6:00PM. We are discussing various ways to implement physical/ social distancing during pick ups. Sign up will continue until May 1 then we will reevaluate available spots. Take care my friend. We hope to have the privilege of growing your food this summer.     Pooh

Here are some recent pics.

owosso organics
Standard size CSA share
owosso organics
Standard size CSA share
owosso organics
Baby Kale
owosso organics
owosso organics
Tractor on the farm
owosso organics
Birds eye view
Planting Garlic

Owosso Organics 2020 CSA membership!

Updated 2020 CSA membership form is up and running! There is a link on the ” Owosso Organics 2020 CSA membership” page, you can find by clicking the menu option to open up the page. Just  copy the membership form, fill it out and mail it to the farm with your payment.  (Pretty old school I know) If you are wondering what will be in your CSA box and trying to decide what size (Premium or standard) go to the “What’s in your CSA box” page for pictures of previous years boxes

There is still more of winter to go but we are doing lots of planning for the upcoming season and will start seeding early crops this week. So  hoping for a DRY spring so we can get in the fields in a more timely manner.

I started a new Instagram account just for the farm so you can follow along on our season, find by searching Owosso Organics on Instagram.  As always thank you for your support.

Here are a few images

Old barn
Being the barn in winter
Cherry tomatoes in a frame


Welcome 2020!

Hello and please forgive my absence from this page. This mild winter has had us doing a number of long forgotten projects as well as some much needed R and R. As January turns to February we are gearing up the farm for this upcoming season! I hope to have the 2020 CSA membership form up on this website sometime next week. It is a PDF for you to copy, fill out and mail to the farm along with your share size, place of pick up and payment. I am currently securing the location of our Okemos/ East Lansing pick up and hope to continue at the site of the Meridian Farmers Market on Mondays from 5-6PM. We will continue to have additional pickup on the farm also on Mondays from 5-6PM.

We thank you for your continued support! I am trying to figure out if I will send a brochure of try to direct customers to they website. Many thanks for your interest in Owosso Organics.

Here are some random pictures I hope you enjoy!

Garlic Field

Owosso Organics
In the fields
Owosso Organics
Spring field
Owosso Organics
Spring lettuce
Owosso Organics
Odd shaped carrots
Owosso Organics
The farm from above
Owosso Organics
Field grown Zinnias

May on the farm…

We have been busy getting ready for this season and our greenhouse are busting with plants waiting to get planted in the fields. But, so much rain!!! There has been standing water somewhere on the farm for the last 5 weeks. The cold wet spring has put us behind in our planting schedule but all we can do is wait and be patient until the ground dries enough to work the soil.

We still have spaces available in our CSA so please tell your family and friends. The membership form can be found here as well as pictures of what’s is a typical standard size box. We also have flower share available.

Here are some pictures from this spring.

Old farmhouse
Old farmhouse
Selfie in reflection
Selfie in reflection
Spring tulips
Spring tulips