And so it begins…..

Ok, I know that’s kind of dramatic but the plan for tomorrow is to fire up the nursery greenhouse and get planting. We have waited an extra 10 days for the weather to break and though we would love to have the lows temps stay in the 30s we really can’t delay any longer. Most of our seeds are in and I have spent the last couple days organizing them into categories and getting them in the ready position. Up for tomorrow : 16 flats lettuce, 2 flats greenhouse tomatoes, 14 flats leeks, too many onion flats to even think about, Pak Choy, snapdragons, verbena, spinach… It’s time. We are ready…bring on spring. Here is a pic that has nothing to do with this work day ahead but I love it so much I had to post it.tays fishtail braid

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