A Wet and Cool Spring

   It has been quite a few years since we have seen this much rainfall in Shiawassee County in the month of April. I think there has been almost 5″ this month. We have tons of standing  water here at the farm and haven’t been able to even get in the greenhouses. Whereas usually this time of the year we would have most of the early greenhouses planted, we have only about 30% of one of the drier houses planted We are kind of freaking out, well really I am freaking out. Richard is walking around cool as a cucumber as usual talking to me about patience. It’s like the last couple weeks of pregnancy when you are really, really ready for this baby to come out of the cooker but you just have to wait because you have no choice. We have transplants, huge, healthy, beautiful transplants ready to go into the greenhouse and the fields but we just have to wait.  I follow Richard around the farm complaining. Then I remember Doris Day. My mom was a huge Doris Day fan and that is some of the first music I remember as a child. You remember it too (song written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evens) “Que Sera Sera, What ever will be will be.” I calms be down….slightly.

    On the good side our CSA is pretty much full. I will have to put any new inquires on a waiting list. But, we will more than likely have to delay the first pick up until later in June when we actually have food to distribute. I will contact all CSA members on this decision.

I’ll post some pictures of the wet soggy farm this evening after my camera charges.

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