A Tourist In My Own Town Part 1

As the season comes to an end and we are left with cleanup work and planting cover crops there are fewer fun things to photograph around on the farm. So today I took Taylor and a friend to DO Owosso. Owosso is a lovely little town with a real-live downtown area, cool shops, an Arts Council and….. even its own castle; home of James Oliver Curwood, famous adventure writer.  (More of that in part 2) I took so many pictures while we were out today I decided to split in into a couple blog posts. We started on Washington Street and headed south.  Remember as the holiday season gets underway, when you spend you dollars local the money stays local. Here is my Owosso.Lance's bakery front

It’s so fun having a local bakery to go to. We go here a lot!!Lance!!

The man himself!! treats @ Lance's

Treats at Lance’s Bakery.joanns in Nov front

I remember as a young child wandering around a fabric shop with my mother while she painstakingly choose fabric for her next project. I would lie on the floor surrounded by color and textures.fabric at joanns

joanns, thread

Tay and selena in joanns

Next up, ETCETC front a little shop across the street where 85% of the products are made by Michigan Artists. All products are homemade. I’ll be shopping here this season.

At ETC #1

At ETC #2

We have a real five and dime in Owosso. Springrove.springgrove front

okay,okay nothing here was made in Michigan but is it small and it is local. They guy that owns this place is always whistling old show tunes! I love it.isle @ spring grove

games @ springgrove

thank you for shopping downtown

fake flowers @ springgrove

More to come soon. The second half of our Owosso tour.

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