A official late wet spring


    I am officially declaring this a late, wet, cool spring. We have beautiful trays of kale, Swiss chard and pac choi that are waiting patiently to be put in the ground but have no dry ground in the greenhouses. (How come this sounds so familiar?) Again…we wait for things to dry out on the farm. The only thing that makes it a little easier is that we are planning on doing some tile work (directs water in a direction to drain) this spring. Tim Cordiar (our drainage saviour) is going to come out with a backhoe and dig some drain relief ditches and possibly put down some tile (large hoses you put 18 or so inches under ground to direct the water) as soon as thing dry out. Wow what a perfect catch22. Until then we a bumping into each other in the greenhouses as plants are starting to stack up (well not really but metaphorically).

Here’s a picture of the last bouquet I made in my floral design class I took this spring. It was really a blast and I learned a ton. Can’t wait to work with my own flowers.

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