August Farm update.

As we approach the harvest season in earnest so we approach the home stretch. I can feel it in the air….the other morning as we began work there was a smell that can only mean one thing. Fall. Maybe it’s the cool  in the evening, maybe it’s the diminishing light or its subtle angle but I can feel it. In this crazy busy harvest season there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Where I used to wake at 2:00AM and worry what will fill the CSA boxes that week, we now have no problem filling the boxes with an abundance of produce; in fact we track the boxes carefully as to not put too much produce in the boxes rather wanting everyone to be able to use up their veggies before the next box comes. For the most part the lisianthus are harvested which is a huge work load off my shoulders. (There were some weeks of late when I arrived at the market on Saturday having no idea what was harvested and packed in the truck having been in the Lizzie house the entire day.)  Hopefully now I can post blogs more consistently also.

Appearing in your boxes this week were: Tomatoes both slicers and baby Roma or cherry tomatoes. Cucumbers, long Asian and Armenian. A mix of zucchini and summer squash. Baby eggplant bursting in whites and purples. Onion, garlic, basil (it’s been an unbelievable basil season) cilantro, the first of the sweet peppers, the greens this week were either chard or the last of the summer lettuce.  Maybe more… I don’t remember, it was a symphony of veggies this week.

We added a family member to the farm this week. On the way back from the market on Saturday on I-69 I spotted a broken down couch thrown on the side of the highway. As we passed it I saw the slightest silhouette of a kitten perched on top the chair. We had the big farm truck so were unable to stop. On Sunday on the way back from the Great Lakes Folk Festival we saw it again. How could this be? Were we really seeing a kitten and how could it have survived with the torrential rains of the weekend, right on the side of I-69. How many thousands of people passed the kitten? We turned around….there is was, curled up inside the smashed chair. He’s very sweet and I’m sure glad to be off the highway. We need another cat like a hole in…no like another 7″ of rain, but well he’s here now.

I’ll try to do recipes next week. For now just this farm update. Thanks everyone.

baby eggplant

This is what the baby eggplant look like in your CSA box. Many different kinds!!

Standard Share Week #8 8-10 2011

Week #8 Standard share….last weeks box !!

lisianthus delivery

A mid-week delivery all in white, purple, red pink and lavender.

Saved from I-69

So happy not to be spending another night on the highway!!

Veggie Art

Fun in the packing shed. Summer Art!

Fall planting

Spinach, beets and lettuce mix for fall CSA boxes.

At the East Lansing Farmers Market on Sundays

Come see us at the East Lansing Farmers Market on Sundays at Valley Court Park!

Pickin with Drew and Derick at EL market

At the EL Farmers Market.

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  1. Hi Pooh,
    I spent quite a bit of time tonight perusing your blog. What great pictures and creative writing in your comments!
    It also makes me realize how long it’s been since I’ve visited. I think this was the first Christmas since you’ve been in Owosso that I haven’t stopped by… I spotted my Christmas card in the garland around the door. And I had no idea Taylor is learning to play banjo!
    So, nice to catch up. Great job on this – I’ll check it more often, though there’s danger this could become a one-way relationship 🙂
    we’ll have to watch out for that…

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