Yes, we are staying on the same schedule for the labor day weekend. We will be at the  Okemos drop off site and here at the farm just like every other week. Hope to see everyone….the boxes look great this week!  

In your box this week: 

Winter Squash:A variety called Carnival. Very beautiful. 

Sweet Peppers: A mix of green, colored, and Carmen sweets.

Pablanos:slightly hot, very good.

Hot Peppers:serranos and garden salsa, both medium hot.

Potatoes:a mix of red and white. Perfect for a Labor day dinner.

Heirlooms:A variety  of color, texture, size, and flavor.

Garlic: Great on anything.

Broccoli: Finally we have Broccoli again!

Eggplant: So beautiful and great on the grill

Zuchini: A mix of yellow and green.

Lettuce: The return of our growers choice mix.

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