3 for 3

It’s difficult to convey how damaging mice can be in the greenhouse. These tiny little creatures can eat hundreds of just emerging plants in one evening and that is just what has been happening. Ironically they go for the hot pepper plants first (go figure) and unfortunately they have done alot a damage . I spent much of today replanting but some of these trays were planted a month ago. We’ll do what we can. In the meantime we moved all the hot pepper plants to the other greenhouse and Richard has set up a lambrith of mouse traps and sticky traps, thus the 3 for 3.

Spring break for Taylor this week and though we have tons of stuff happening on the farm, Richard watched the greenhouses and we went to Ann Arbor to see some museums with Cody and have lunch. Here are some pics from our trip.

taylor in front of museum

@ museum

@ museum

our fav bookstore

playing with light

first of the season

easter toys


easter lunch

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  1. Love the picture with 1st Taylor in focus and then with Cody – great shot! Beautiful girls!

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