2014 Honey Crop

This very hard winter really took its toll on our beloved honey bees. We have 5 hives here on the farm and because we value them so as pollinators we tend to leave the honey in the hives over the winter for the bees to feed on in hopes they will make it through the winter. Unfortunately this winter all our hives died. 🙁        As Richard was cleaning the supers and brood chambers, readying them  for this years bee arrival, we were surprised to find loads of honey left behind from last years bees. This week we have been processing the honey. Late today Richard picked up this years bees and we will place them in the clean hive tomorrow morning. Here are some pics of some greenhouse planting this week and our #1 honey harvest of the season.#1 batch 2014 honey crop

squeezing honey thru cheesecloth

getting ready for honey

greenhse #1 ready to plant in april

plug trays going into greenhse #1

photo challenge still life

road in Homer Mi

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