#2 CSA distribution and farm updates.

Thanks to everyone for coming today for our second distribution of the season with it being Memorial Day and all. Again the week, green leafy things anchor the boxes. The bunched greens with the color stems is Swiss Chard and the bunched greens with the green stems is an heirloom, smooth leafed spinach. Most everything else should be recognizable….Kale bunch, either white Russian or red Russian, Growers Choice salad mix, Braising greens, garlic shoots (use like scallions but garlicy)…am I forgetting something?

As most know we had way too much rain last week and are still waiting to dry out to begin planting again. We feel…very behind and there will likely be a period when the spring crops will be done but the summer crops haven’t come in yet and we will take a few weeks break from CSA distribution to wait for the summer crops. I will keep everyone informed via e-mail. (Ergg my CSA email list got real finicky this week but I’ll have it fixed soon.)

I have been posting some farm pics on Facebook if you would like to follow. It is the Patricia Stevenson/ Owosso Organics page not the Owosso Organics page. I’m trying to delete the Owosso Organics page because my blog posts go directly to the Patricia Stevenson/Owosso Organics page and I want to consolidate them. Does this make sense? Thanks everyone….eat your greens!!!CSA box #2 2014

flowers from linda

White bally flowers @ May mrk

spinach just watered

greenhse #5 may

tiny tractor #2

purple lilace @ may mrkrhodesians on back deck

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